Exceeding Client Expectations is Always Our Goal

About ISAI

Innovative Steel and Alloys, Inc (ISAI) designs, tests, and produces innovative universal steel alloys. The company was founded to advance the state of the art in high strength high toughness steel as well as other metal alloys. Our chief metallurgist and Vice President, Research and Development, Dr. Vladimir Fedchun has developed a series of revolutionary steels with a unique combination of high strength and toughness at significantly lower cost compared to similar products.

Today our company’s heat treatments and steel development technology provides clients with steel products whose mechanical properties meet or exceed their requirements. ISAI’s new steels are ideal for:

  • Military equipment and vehicles
  • Aerospace vehicles
  • Automotive components
  • Oil and gas applications

Our corrosive resistant steels can be employed in hostile environments without coating the steel with expensive and potentially toxic materials.


ISAI brings to market high quality steel at significantly lower production costs. The  tensile strength, yield  strength  and  impact  toughness of our steel alloys were  tested  and compared  to  other competing steel alloys.  The cost of producing bars of high strength steel includes the cost of raw material, the production of ingots, the processing of ingots and heat treatments. Our lower material costs and the elimination of several production processes saves time, labor, energy costs, and capital which making the total cost of our steel to be significantly less than competing products.