Exceeding client expectations is always our goal.

Innovative Steel and Alloys, Inc (ISAI) imagines, designs, produces and brings to market never-before-conceived steel alloys for products across diverse industries, dramatically increasing efficiency in production while significantly improving product quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The company was founded to advance the state of the art in high strength high toughness steel and other metal alloys.

Our chief metallurgist and Vice President, Research and Development, Dr Vladimir Fedchun has developed a series of revolutionary steels and corrosive resistant stainless steels with a unique combination of high strength and toughness at a lower cost than similar products.

Today our company’s heat treatments and steel development technology provides clients with steel products whose mechanical properties meet their requirements.

Our corrosive resistant stainless steels can be employed in hostile environments without coating the steel with expensive and potential toxic materials.

Steel has been a part of humanity’s legacy for millennia and more. As early as 300 BC, we have examples of steel being used for more than weapons. The product has been refined, improved, and integrated into so many uses that people are likely not aware of how much steel is a part of their lives. Beyond the industrial applications of wire, farming tools, construction, and vehicle manufacture, people around the world continue to find innovative use for steel.

ISAI’s new steels are ideal for:

  • Military equipment and vehicles
  •  Aerospace vehicles
  • Automotive components
  • Oil and gas applications.