Dr. Vladimir A. Fedchun Vice President,  Product  Development

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Dr Fedchun has over 40 years of experience conducting research as well as developing high strength high toughness steels.  He has published numerous papers and has been named as the inventor on many Russian and U.S. patents in the field of new materials engineering. A description of his experience and a list of his published research papers and other publications is provided in a tab to this page.

  • PhD Materials and Heat Treatment Engineering, 1983
    • Moscow Automobile and Road Construction Institute, Soviet Union
      United States evaluation 1988
  • MSME Equivalent 1968
    • Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Department of
      Semiconducting Materials and Instruments
      Major: Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics
  • Undergraduate Physics Chernivtsi University
    • Department of Mathematics and Physics
      Chernovtsi State University, Chernovtski, Ukraine

  • 2008 – present Innovative Steel and Alloys, INC Ashburn, VA. VP Product Development.


  • 1999 – 2008 MALLTECH, LLC Dearborn, MI. Sr. Metallurgical Engineer. Pace Machine Tool Co.; Walled Lake, MI. Mechanical / Tooling Engineer


  • 1998 – 1999 Globus Medline, Inc ., Southfield, Mi Metallurgical Engineer.


  • 1991 – 1997 PREMA L.L.C. (Russian-American Joint Venture Co.), Moscow, Russia President and Owner. The company Manufactured precision mechanical components for Russian and American customers.


  • 1989-1991 Experimental Institute of Metal-Cutting Machine Tools (ENIMS), Moscow, Russia. Head of Department of Precision Components and Mechanisms.


  • 1983-1988 ENIMS, Moscow, Russia. Senior Fellow, Head of the Machine Tool Materials Group.


  • 1972-1983 Moscow Automobile and Road-Building Institute, Moscow, Russia. Senior Engineer, Chair of Metal Sciences and Heat Treatment.


  • 1968-1970 Scientific Research Institute of Semiconductor Electronics, Moscow. Research Engineer.

  • “Al, Cr, V, Ti influence on the structure and properties of ferrite nitrided”
    Physical metallurgy and heat treatment, “Review”, MITOM, Moscow 1975.


  •  “Al influence on the structure and properties of the ferrite nitrided
    surface”,”Naukova Durnka”, “Review”, Kiev, 1976.


  •  “High hardness and brightness of the steel 38 Cr Mo Al nature”, MITOM,
    Moscow, 1976.


  • “Al and elements of carbon subgroup influence on the nitrided ferrite and
    properties”, MITOM, Moscow, 1978.

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 Patent USSR “Steel” No. 102727 1, April 02, 1981.

 “Elements of carbon subgroup influence on the nitrided steels”, Doctoral thesis

on the subject of “Physical metallurgy in machine building”, Moscow, July 7,


 Research on the subject “Technology developing of important machine tools

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 Research on the subject “Development of economically alloyed construction deep

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the precision ball screw gears”, “ENIMSSTANKOCONSTRUKTSIA Report”

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Universal alloyed steels. Engineering Research and Patents. 1994– 1998.

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July 2006.

 The Early Years

Vladimir Fedchun was born in Kiev on the 29 th of June, 1941, the 7 th day of the war between the former Soviet Union and the Germany. Shortly after he was born, both he and his mother were evacuated to Siberia. Many times his mother was advised to leave the baby, as it was almost impossible to keep him alive in a one month trip on the train. She simply refused to abandon Vladimir.

In Siberia his mother found a job in a hospital. While she was not paid money for her services, the hospital provided food and a warm place to sleep. Vladimir’s mother recalled how wounded patients would give her little boy sugar and chocolate from American in exchange of his smile.

His father stayed in occupied Ukraine to the end of the war supervising partisan activities. After WWII was over, Vladimir’s family settled down in Chernovtchi, a little town in Ukraine near the border with Romania.

His College Years

In high school Vladimir received awards in sciences, as he read a lot of science books and always found non-traditional original solutions to problems in physics and mathematics. After his freshman year in college he was transferred to the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Department of Semi-conducting Materials and Instruments. Majoring in Physics and Dielectrics gave him the opportunity to research into creating new steel alloys using his skills as a semi-conductor physicist.

The new Master in semi-conducting materials and physics decided to postpone his graduate studies. Instead he join the Soviet Army and was stationed in Belorussia, where he commanded a talk platoon for two years.

Vladimir’s Career as a Metallurgist

After his time in the Army Vladimir accepted a position at the Moscow Automobile and Road-Building Institute, where he earned his PhD at the Department of Metal Sciences and Heat Treatment and became the Head of a large metals laboratory, where he started to design and develop new steel alloys.

Vladimir worked in his lab day and night, as the electron microscopes performed better when they were not disturbed by the rolling of Moscow subway trains. Falling asleep at his workbench one night, he had a very colorful dream. The next morning he remembered his dream “I made a new chemical composition that I was searching for a very long time”.

The end result of his dream was a new concept in steel alloy design with outstanding physical properties at a low price to produce.

In 1983 Vladimir was invited to become head of the Machine Tool Materials Department at the Experimental Institute of Metal-Cutting machine tools (ENIMS) where he conducted extensive research in developing steels with outstanding physical properties that were used to make precision components for instruments and tools. He soon became Head of the Department of Precision Components and Mechanisms in 1989.

Between 1987 and 1989 Vladimir had already produced more than 1,500 tons of his new SCV steels. At the same time he designed and started to use a unique technology for making precision ball-screws and acme-screws using his SCV steels.

Coming to America

After the USSR collapsed Vladimir accepted an invitation by General Motors Corporation to make a presentation of his steels and materials technologies to their Materials Department. In 1998 Vladimir immigrated to the U.S. to work as a Metallurgical Consultant at Globus Medline, Inc. located in Southfield, Michigan.

During his work at Modern Alloying Technologies, LLC (W. Bloomfield, Michigan) he worked as a consultant to the Pace Machine Tool Co (Walled Lake, Michigan, 1999- 2001).

While working at MallTech, LLC (Wixom, Michigan), a company he helped found, Vladimir was extremely productive.

Under an SBIR contract with the U.S. Air Force titled “Improvement of Penetrator Performance by Increasing/Engineering Case Mechanical Properties” (Contract No.F08630-03- C-0017) Vladimir developed a new low cost steel alloy with unique ratios of strength and toughness. A description of his work under this contract was published in July 2006 in “Advanced Materials & Processes” magazine. The title of his article is “Steel with High Strength and Toughness”

In February 2008 Vladimir co-founded Innovative Steel & Alloys Inc. (ISAI) where he has continued his research in metallurgical engineering as well as steel & alloys research and development. Since co-founding ISAI Vladimir developed new low cost alloys with unique ratios of strength and toughness and has been named inventor of U.S. patents “Low Cost High Strength Martensitic Stainless Steel” and “Method of Designing Low Cost High Strength, High Toughness Martensitic Steel and Article Made Therefrom”.

Today, Vladimir is doing research and development for a light weight high-strength steel for automotive applications. The focus of the new steel alloy is on fuel economy and passenger safety. The new steel alloy will be geared for use in flat-roll automotive and other demanding applications.