The foundation of our steel alloys is based upon Dr. Vladimir Fedchun’s methodology for designing a moderate cost, high strength, high toughness martensitic steel in which a mathematical model is used to establish an optimum alloying concentration of materials that provides specified levels of strength and toughness. The model also predicts critical temperatures and the amount of retained austenite.

Application of the model provides ISAI with the ability to quickly identify a mixture of material that will produce steel with the client’s desired mechanical properties such as hardiness, tensile strength, and yield strength. For both our high strength high toughness universal steel and corrosive resistant steel it took only three prototypes over a period of seven months to produce five articles of these steels. This resulted in a savings of millions of dollars in development costs. The reductions in cost and energy with the invention of this steel were surprising and unexpected. It also minimizes the use of scare and expensive metals for the prototyping of these steels.

Our flagship licensed materials include three high performance steels.  These steels can be used in a wide range of demanding and safety critical applications in aerospace, oil and gas, performance racing and other industries.  These steels include:
  • Universal Corrosive Resistant Steel
  • Universal High Strength High Toughness Steel
  • Silicon. Copper, Vanadium (SCV) Steels

All of our steel alloys provide a unique ratio of mechanical properties to cost. We employ cost reduction methods while maintaining strength, toughness, and other mechanical properties.

Eliminating expensive Cobalt and eliminating or reducing Molybdenum and nickel significantly reduces the cost of raw material. The high mechanical properties of our steel alloys can be realized without the use of double VAR and ESR processes thereby reducing the labor costs and investment in plant and equipment. Eliminating or reducing the need for raw materials and eliminating several processes to produce the steel saves energy and reduces pollutants, thus making steel production greener. Our high strength corrosive resistant stainless steel eliminates costly coatings using toxic chemicals to resist corrosion.

Today, much of our current focus is inventing, designing and developing high-performance and environmentally-friendly “green” alloys.